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Dr. Heather McCloskey Beck

 Depth & Somatic Therapist, Ph.D. 
Master Intuitive Energy Healer

Integrating Depth Psychological and Somatic Approaches 
in Psychotherapy and Energy Healing

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"Watch for the small things that carry
the greatest significance."
Dr. Heather M. Beck
Would you like a Free 15-minute consultation?

Are you living a life that you desire to live?

Let me help you ...

- Discover your own unique, gifts, talents, & abilities.

- Create emotional stability, safety, & joy within your life.

- Live your life without hesitation, shame, or guilt.

- Heal personal & intergenerational trauma.

- Release limiting ideas, thoughts, & feelings. 

- Manage challenges & life transitions.

- Heal from bad breakups; undervalued self-worth.

- Calm anxiety & stress; shift away from depression.

- Value and take care yourself - in mind, body, & spirit.    

- Create a life you desire to actually live.

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Entertain the wonder ...

the power and beauty of becoming soulful you.


Talk Therapy
Somatic Therapy
Intuitive Energy Healing
Life Coaching

Learn how our working together may support you in becoming aware of the thoughts, feelings, and internal experiences that direct your life. Together, we can move through the steps that can lead you to create a life that feels authentic, meaningful, and true. By transforming regret, disappointment, and dissatisfaction into a greater consciousness and inspired healthy way of living, the traumas, heartbreaks, illnesses, and other challenges you may have suffered, will begin to ease.  By learning how to create a life you love, you will learn to heal your heart and strengthen your soul.  In my healing practice, I work as therapist, intuitive, energy healer, and coach in creating a healing pathway specifically designed for you.

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