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About Heather & Her Work 

Through the application of therapeutic psychology, intuitive, somatic energy healing, hypnotherapy, and life transitions coaching, I am able to assist you in finding your way into joy, purpose, meaning, and personal peace. I offer sessions that assist in re-aligning inner balance, focusing on the energy within and surrounding your body. Within my therapeutic processes, I will guide you in releasing what no longer serves you (trauma, limiting beliefs), clearing away energy blocks, and restoring balance within your body and biofield. I work with many healing modalities to assist you in finding your way through challenging transitional stages within your life, while helping you create stability, meaning, and value.  

When I was a very small child, I could see energy fields (also known as auras or biofields) around people. I often knew what other people were thinking and feeling, and was aware of events that were going to take place in a future time; things that I had no usual way of
knowing. I also discovered that I could make people feel better. At the time, I didn't know

this was unusual. I also didn't know there were names for what I was doing.
I thought everybody could do these things.
  I Walk in Two Worlds. 

I now understand that
I am an Intuitive Healer.
Empath, Clairvoyant, Precognitive, Telepathic, Medium, Healer & Intuitive Therapist 

I am a Doctor, Scientific Researcher, and Academic Scholar.

I have dedicated my life to exploring the magic of my inner world, and learning how to share that experiential knowledge out into the world with others, through my music,writing, speaking, and healing therapies.
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