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New Online Course

Seasons of Change:
Navigating Endings, The In-Between, & New Beginnings

Dr. Heather McCloskey Beck

Course Overview:


Just like nature has its seasons, every individual goes through varied life phases – from endings, to transitions, and new beginnings. Each stage has its own special beauty, gifts, challenges, and lessons. As these transitions unfold, a spectrum of emotions, from joy and excitement to sadness, loss, or grief, can emerge, sometimes accompanied by an inner uncertainty about the future.


Led by the inspired and intuitive guidance of Dr. Heather Beck, this three-week live, virtual course dives deeply into these intricate life transitions.  Harnessing a blend of emotional, psychological, and spiritual resources, the course’s structure is crafted to offer mind-body transformational learning experiences within a safe, welcoming, and transformational environment.

Phases of Transition
Within this course, you will learn to:

- Discover your own gifts, talents, and abilities

- Create emotional stability & safety

- Become confident, strong, and self-worthy

- Release feelings of shame and guilt

- Heal personal & intergenerational trauma

- Release limiting ideas, thoughts, & feelings

- Practice Spiritual Grounding

- Calm anxiety & stress

- Transform Grief into Peace

- Value and take care yourself - in mind, body, & spirit.   

When are the Classes?

Classes will be held on Zoom, Thursdays, at 4pm - Pacific Time, November 2nd - November 16th.
If you cannot attend a class, a video recording will be available for you.
Here are the dates:
November 2nd
November 9th
November 16th

What's included? 

In this course, A New Season of Change, 
participants will receive a comprehensive set of resources and experiences.
Here's a detailed list of what's included:

1. Three 1- Hour Live Zoom Sessions

2. Dedicated Q & A Time each session, 30 min​

3. Course Worksheets

4. Curated Reading List 

5. Somatic Practices Guide

6. Healing Practices 

7. Mindfulness Practices

8. Instructional Videos

9. Guided Meditations

10. Personal Reflection Journal Prompts

Overview of the Three-Week Course

Week 1: Introduction: Recognizing the Seasons and Transitions of Life

The significance of endings, transitions/the in-between, and new beginnings.

Practices: Experiential, embodied practices, self-awareness, Navigating change. Energy healing from the inside out.

Endings: Emotions, The Body, and Psyche in Transition

We begin with Endings/Separation.  When something changes - the psychological effects of transitions on mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Practices: Techniques to identify, process, and positively direct emotions within the body; from grief, sadness, depression to wellbeing.


Week 2: The In Between/Liminality: Discovering What Feels Lost or Missing 

Addressing the Yearning and Cultivating a Pathway to Finding Your Way Back to A Life that feels meaningful and valuable. The psychology of Liminality – How to Navigate the In How to navigate when we feel lost and without direction?

Practices: Depth Psychological and Somatic tools to foster grounding and adaptability; strategies to mitigate feelings of anxiety and fear during transitions.


Week 3: The Joy of New Beginnings - Grounding in Nature, Healing, and Spirituality 

The benefits of mindfulness practices and spiritual grounding leading into New Beginnings.  

Practices: Somatic and Energy Healing Techniques and exercises for deepening spiritual connection.

Cost of Course: $525USD
Limited Scholarships are Available - Email Me. (Write 'Scholarship' in the Subject Line)

Sign Up For the Course

Follow these simple steps:
1. Click 'EMAIL DR. HEATHER' (below) - Email Dr. Beck you are enrolling in the course 
2. Click PAY NOW Button - 3 Methods: Venmo, Zelle, PayPal
(as friend) - Your Choice
3. Confirmation Email will be sent to you by Dr. Beck of Payment and  Enrollment

Additionally, course instructions and detailed information will be emailed to you, including Course Zoom Link,Initial Handouts, Worksheets

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Each class is crafted to provide you with experiential knowledge and practical tools, aiding you in a holistic experience creating a sense of wholeness and direction.  Dr. Beck's insights, experience, and expertise will guide you in healing from the inside out,
and creating a life 
that feels meaningful, valuable, and inspired.
Dr. Heather McCloskey Beck
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Join Me - Sign Up for My Course
Cost of Course: $525USD
Follow these simple steps:
1. Click 'EMAIL DR. HEATHER'- Email Dr. Heather you are enrolling in the course 
2. Click PAY NOW Button - 3 Methods: Venmo, Zelle, PayPal
(as friend) - Your Choice
3. Confirmation Email will be sent to you by Dr. Heather of Payment and Enrollment       
Course instructions and detailed information will be provided, including Zoom Link, Initial Handouts, Worksheets        
If you prefer to pay by Zelle,
use the email address:
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