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Heather's Story

"It is from within the center of yourself that you radiate outward,
creating how you would like your life to be.
It is essential to do what you love to do."
From Dr. Beck's book, Take the Leap
"Watch for the small things that carry the greatest significance."
Dr. Heather McCloskey Beck

 When I was a very small child,  I could see energy fields (also known as auras or biofields) around other people. I often knew what other people were thinking and feeling, and was aware of events that were going to take place in a future time. When I was 8 years old, I began to have the most glorious experience of expansion within my being, as if I had become the size of the universe, and was streaming in a blissful presence where little Heather no longer existed.  Of course, I was still lying in my bed, but felt no bodily limitations whatsoever; instead, I felt as though I was part of everything that existed in the universe. 


Years later, I recognized how similar that joyful feeling of streaming expansion was to the sheer pleasure I felt while playing my music, writing poetry, and loving. I was always searching; searching for an understanding of that intangible, mysteriously compelling Essence that seemed to reside at the very core of my being.  I have held a profound desire to comprehend that which has no physical form, yet whole intrinsic energy is the underpinning of all that I know as substance within our physical world.   


In the weaving of my life, I have been motivated by an unwavering desire to feel creatively inspired and soulfully happy.  I have always wanted to know just what it was that ignited me to become awash in a symphony of sheer inspiration while composing music.  From what magical portal did my intense desire to play piano emerge when only three years old?  From where did these inner urging originate?  


I have lived in ardent pursuit of this experiential knowledge of Calling, so that I might better understand the purpose of my life and the nature of who I am.  A miraculous almalgamation of passion and biology was never answer enough.  I have always known that it was much, much bigger than that.  My life’s work has been dedicated to exploring this inner world, and sharing its healing nature with others.  I walk in (at least) two worlds:  the world of intuitive healer, while also as an academic scholar and researcher.

I am also a Musician, Composer, Poet, International Author & Speaker, adoring Mother and Grandmother, and lover of our beautiful world of nature, and all its inhabitants.

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