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Schedule a Session with Dr. Beck

- Finding Inspiration in Every Moment -

I am focused on assisting and facilitating your journey into health and wholeness. If you are interested in creating a life that feels meaningful and valuable, let's create a healing pathway designed specifically for you. 


Change is inevitable, but how one processes and integrates change, and internalizes transition, impacts the quality of one's journey into wholeness.
Dr. Heather M. Beck

Energy Healing & Therapy Session
 One Hour - $195.00

Human Design Reading & Session
1.5 Hour - $360.00

Most sessions are held on Zoom.
If you are in the Los Angeles area, an in-person session may be scheduled.
I work with sliding scale when possible. Inquire by email or phone.

To schedule an appointment, 
Please Email:

Dr. Heather McCloskey Beck

To inquire about a Free 15-minute consultation, please Email Me.

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