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"What Clients are Saying ..."

“Heather McCloskey Beck is a spiritual visionary and powerful healer.
Work with her, read her books, and feel your life transform in amazing ways.”

 ~ Pat Benatar - Four-time Grammy Winner, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ~

Working with Heather was like a dream. I worked with her when I was waiting for the biopsy result from a swollen lymph node. I was in a state of extreme anxiety, fear and overwhelmed. Heather worked with me via the telephone. Her presence was profoundly healing, as she worked on me and took me through a healing process. I was able to ground and come back into my body, the fear and anxiety dropped immensely. ​She also provided me with some practices that I could integrate into my day when the anxiety returned.

Heather is a phenomenal healer.

She is so powerful but at the same time soft and gentle like an angel.

She is a true life saver. I highly recommend her services.   


~ Lauren Hanna, Founder Sonic Yoga, Montauk, NY

"Heather’s intuition and compassion have helped me through many life situations, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  She is a gifted healer!"


    ~ Marti Maniates Cassorla, Malibu, California

"Working with Heather totally exceeded any expectations that I had about a healing session. With her somatic process that beautifully integrated the physical and spiritual—I left our session inspired, confident, aligned, and sparkling. No joke, when out to dinner the night of our session a stranger commented on my energy and came up and introduced herself. Prepare to be authentically heightened, spiritually fulfilled, and physically calm yet driven."

-Micaela English, Brooklyn, NY

“I am constantly amazed by Heather’s ability to weave the work of spirit and psyche and hold space that is both loving and no bullshit. With her wise, encouraging and generous spirit, she invites us to come home to the magic and knowing of our true selves. Her sincere and continued nurturance has helped me heal maternal wounds as well as trust and love myself more wholeheartedly.

I am grateful to say Heather Beck has become one of my life’s greatest mentors. 

Thank you, dearest soul, for all you have shared and shined back to me. My life is much brighter and lighter since you’ve entered it.”

 ~ Amber G.,

"My session with energy healer, Dr. Heather M. Beck, was exactly what I needed. Normally, I’m skeptical of these types of “woo woo” sessions, but Dr. Beck was so in tune with my energy and able to turn my anxious mood around. She also made a point to keep in touch with me via text to see how I was doing. I felt that she was able to really see me and give me what I needed something often touted but actually extremely rare in the world of wellness."


                               ~ Laura Eckstein, Jounalist for Angelino Magazine

"I highly recommend working with Heather. I was going through a pretty rough time and was referred to her through a close friend of mine. Heather is a fantastic person, healer, and guide with a warm and empathetic demeanor. I felt comfortable with her immediately because of her kind and thoughtful approach. The overall experience of working with her is comforting and something I look forward to. During each session she makes sure that all concerns are covered and that you leave with a sense of inner peace. She worked with me to feel through and take in what I was experiencing, in order to open myself up to big changes and acceptance of what I was fully experiencing."


                            ~ Pina, Elementary School Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

"Meeting Heather has been life changing. I was struggling with the aftermath of a toxic relationship and trauma when I first met her. With her compassionate guidance and support, I was able to heal and transform my life in ways I never thought possible. Heather taught me techniques to manage my anxiety and emotions with mindfulness and compassion, and empowered me to treat myself with respect and kindness. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling or just looking for guidance. Thank you, Heather, for everything!"


                                     ~ Taylor Corrigan, Los Angeles 

"Heather is an exceptional energy healer who brings her clients a profound sense of calm and healing. Her compassionate and empathetic approach and her deep understanding of energy healing techniques make her a standout practitioner in her field.

My personal experience with Heather came while I was in the Hospital ICU ward in Oahu, Hawaii, and couldn’t sleep for days. I had anxiety about falling asleep and not waking up again from a recent trauma.  Remotely, on a call from California, Heather put me in a deep meditative state and worked her magic while I lay still. After a while, I had tears pouring down my cheeks and felt an overwhelming sense of calm and relief.

I slept that night and every night since.

She has a gift for intuitively understanding her client's needs and tailoring her approach to meet them where they are in their healing journey. Heather's dedication to her craft is evident in the incredible results she can achieve for those who seek her services. I highly recommend Heather as an energy healer to anyone seeking a powerful and transformative healing experience. Her skill, expertise, and compassionate approach are genuinely second to none."

 ~ Michael Mclychok, Kaua'i, Hawaii

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