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Working with Dr. Beck

The mind and body are not artificially separated and must be treated as a whole, living organism. Our emotions, our thoughts and long held memories are embedded deeply within into all the systems of our bodies. By combining intuition, Sight, therapeutic dialogue that probes into the unknown parts of consciousness, embracing archetypal metaphor and story, then somatically anchoring the work within the body, quantum metamorphic healing takes place, within an environment of safety, stability, inspiration, and attunement. This healing practice, Metamorphic Energy Healing®, was created by Dr. Beck, and is transforming the lives of her clients in highly transformational ways.

We all have our internal weather systems, emotional cycles, and life pathways to travel upon. 

If you would like to discover what it is that calls to you, inspires you, but feel held back and limited, Dr. Beck will help you identify what you desire and long for, and will

guide you through her specially designed processes of releasing limitation,

mediocrity, resistance, and fear, instead replacing these qualities with confidence, commitment, self respect, and inspired action.

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