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Therapeutic Energy Healing combined with Intuitive Talk Therapy is one of the best ways to help people create lasting change. This work is highly beneficial for those experiencing stress, trauma, anxiety, or simply sense there is something missing in their lives. These therapeutic healing practices are holistic, psychological, and embodied therapies designed to integrate mind, body, and spirit, thus connecting you into a wholeness of being. Within my practice, I facilitate difficult life transitions, the release of negative habits, thoughts, anxieties, and traumas, ushering you into an experience of health and wellbeing.  Because our bodies are the home of our emotions and personal life stories, it is important to heal the body, mind, and soul, together, thus offering lasting change and vibrant health in all aspects of living.

Therapies & Healing Practices

As described above, I offer a variety of therapeutic healing modalities including talk therapy, energy healing, hypnotherapy, life transitions coaching, Focusing®, Active Imagination,  meditation, breathwork, neurolinguistic programming (working with your inner dialogue), intuitive readings, Human Design, and additional somatic therapies, in which we can work together. You can choose what works best for you. If you would like to combine any or all, that is a very natural and fluid thing for me to do. Simply let me know what you would like to focus on, and I will guide you into a session designed specifically for you.
Work with Heather 
Dr. Beck's transformative healing approach integrates depth psychology, somatic therapies, intuitive energy healing, hypnotherapy, along with additional healing modalities, that can assist you in achieving significant and tangible changes in your life. With a deep understanding of the conscious and unconscious human mind, Dr. Beck delves into the depths of awareness, unraveling the layers that shape our embodied experiences, thus assisting you towards greater self-realization and personal growth. Through these healing therapies, Dr. Beck will  help you uncover and overcome limitations, resistance, and barriers that hinder your personal growth. Whether in-person or working remotely, Dr. Beck's highly effective methods will guide you toward experiencing a greater sense of enhanced well-being, a deeper sense of wholeness and fulfillment, so that you may enjoy a healthier and more meaningful life.
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